Baby Otter Swim School Names Professional Race Driver Guy Cosmo As Brand Ambassador

Guy Cosmo Will Use His Experience with Baby Otter to Raise Awareness on Water Safety and the Effectiveness of Baby Otter’s Techniques

Guy Cosmo will Use His Experience with Baby Otter to Raise Awareness on Water Safety and the Effectiveness of Baby Otter’s Techniques

Florida-based state certified, Baby Otter Swim School is pleased to announce that American race car driver and coach Guy Cosmo is joining forces with the original traveling swim school as a brand ambassador. The relationship stems from Guy’s dedication to water safety after his personal experience as a new parent. He will join in the efforts to help Baby Otter’s mission to prevent child drownings and educate the public about the school’s Turn, Kick, Reach® model.

Living in Florida, where water is abundant, Guy and his wife were determined to ensure their baby would be safe around pools, canals, and lakes. After taking lessons with another school, but still feeling uncertain, they met with Baby Otter Swim School’s co-founder Mindy York at their community pool. Impressed by Mindy’s superior and effective methods, Guy witnessed his child transform quickly from being terrified in the water to becoming a confident swimmer.

“At Baby Otter Swim School, we are passionate about making a difference, and with Guy Cosmo on board, we are confident that we can achieve our goals. Together, we can create a safer environment for children and significantly reduce the number of child drownings.” said York.

Impacted by the school’s results, Guy and his family started to recommend Baby Otter to their friends, garnering more students. Personal experience aside, Mindy also educated them on the alarming statistics of child drownings and how quickly they can happen. This profound impact inspired Guy to join Mindy and her aquatic team in raising awareness about the importance of water safety and the effectiveness of Baby Otter’s techniques.

“We met Mindy while she was instructing another child. Her process and methods were clearly superior, 100% effective and our child has transitioned from being terrified in the water to being an absolute rockstar swimmer. Now it is time to help spread the word and save as many lives as we can. I’m empowered to help raise awareness on the prevalence of child drownings and how easy it is to prevent with the effective techniques provided by Baby Otter.” said Cosmo.

A former American Le Mans series Rookie-of-the-Year winner, Cosmo is not only a top-level sports car endurance racer with over 30 years of experience, but he also provides concierge-style consulting, driver coaching, and Pro-Am racing services through his company, Cosmo-Sport, Inc.

Cosmo joins other celebrity fans of Baby Otter Swim School. Academy award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple was a student. Baseball legend Andre “The Hawk” Dawson was even in the adult program and serves as a national spokesperson for The Baby Otter Scholarship and Education Fund helping to build awareness for the safety of children.

Baby Otter Swim School offers the worlds fastest learn-to-swim program, “Turn, Kick, Reach” a method of water survival developed by co-founders Marlene Bloom and Mindy York more than 40 years ago. The program lasts five consecutive days and teaches children what they need to know to save themselves if they happen to fall into water. It also teaches parents the proper way to practice with their child so the child will feel comfortable in the water with them.

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