Baby and Toddler Water Safety Classes From Baby Otter Swim School

Childhood Drowning Prevention

Childhood Drowning Prevention Program

As featured in a recent news story, one local mother is making sure her child is safe from drowning in the most practical way possible. When Casey Staudt’s daughter, Parker, was born, she knew she wanted to protect her from the dangers of the world. To that end, Casey enrolled Parker in a local program that teaches babies and toddlers basic swimming survival strategies. The class is offered by Baby Otter Swim School and will provide Parker and 11 other children with a thorough grounding in the Turn, Kick, Reach™ method. By taking the time to participate in this childhood drowning prevention class, Casey and Parker are laying the groundwork for improved water safety in the future.

The Turn, Kick, Reach™ Program

Baby Otter Swim School offers the Turn, Kick, Reach™ program for babies nine months and older. The program takes place on five consecutive days and provides personalized instructions for babies and toddlers in the following areas:

  • Holding their breath and putting their face in the water
  • Turning toward the place they fell into the water
  • Kicking their feet to swim back toward the place they fell
  • Reaching up to the wall

These simple steps are among the most effective ways to promote childhood drowning prevention. During the last few minutes of each class after the first one, parents will also work with their children to learn the right way to practice these skills outside of class.

One-on-One Training for Childhood Drowning Prevention Also Available

Along with the classroom options chosen by Casey and many other parents on behalf of their children, one-on-one sessions are also available to provide added help for children. The classes are private and must be arranged through Baby Otter Swim School, which is based in South Florida and charges fees to recoup the costs of travel arrangements, accommodations and the time of the instructor.  No matter your needs, Baby Otter has a swim program that is right for you.

Parents who want to provide their children with the most effective childhood drowning prevention skills can call the Baby Otter Swim School at 1-888-794-6543 to ask about private lessons and to learn more about the exclusive five-day Turn, Kick, Reach™ program offered by Baby Otter. This can provide greater options for parents who want to raise water-safe children in Texas and in other areas across the United States.