Testimonial from Marriott

We were stuck at a weeklong conference at Marriott World Orlando so we decided to sign up for private swim lessons with Baby Otter Swim School. I was a skeptic from the very beginning and even the first class gave me some trepidation. You hand off your child to someone you’ve never met and you go hide somewhere your child can’t see you. Needless to say my son was not happy nor looking forward to this. However, I really wanted this program to work, so I gave it a chance. Within about 15 minutes, not only did my son stop crying, but he was smiling and enjoying himself. Fast forward to the end of the week, and my little 2 year old is actually looking forward to showing me his drills, has no fear of deeper water, and wants to stay in the pool longer. What an amazing alternative to spending the days at the parks. Just a week later, his training was tested when he accidentally fell into a water fountain. He now loves to swim and has so much more confidence in any pool. He still asks where Coach Drew is and repeats his lessons out loud as he swims. I have no doubt ign my mind Baby Otters has saved countless young lives by empowering and instilling the ability to save oneself in the water by those who cannot.