It’s such an efficient and focused program

I know the swim instructor question is asked a lot so l just figured l’d share.. the week of June 3 we had Caleb from baby otter come here for our 5yo daughter who wouldn’t even attempt to swim without floats. (Got his name from y’all) He was amazing with her and made her super comfortable right away. Within a day she was swimming and by the end of day 5 (it is a 5 day program) she was even diving to the bottom to pick things up. She knows what to do if she falls in and is getting better every day practicing with us. She had so much fun and looked forward to each day! It’s such an efficient and focused program and Caleb is amazing. I’m so happy we went this route. I just reserved a week for my 21 month old. I’m not affiliated just super happy all around.

Kristen Nicole