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The near-drowning of a six-year-old boy in a backyard pool in Palm Coast, Florida, could have led to his death. After this traumatic event, however, the boy did not avoid the water. Instead, his mother invested in swimming lessons that have made him safer in the water and have reduced his risk of drowning now and in the future. Most experts recommend giving children swimming lessons from a young age to ensure that they have the skills needed to save themselves if they accidentally fall into a pool or other deep water.

The Importance of Water Safety

Adult supervision and the presence of lifeguards can often protect children against many of the risks of water play and swimming in public and private pools. Teaching children a method that they can use to save themselves, however, can often reduce that risk even further. Additionally, offering children swimming lessons can build their confidence and their self-esteem by allowing them to act on their own behalf and to keep themselves safer in the water.

The Turn, Kick, Reach™ Method

For babies as young as nine months, Turn, Kick, Reach™ is a proven strategy that gives these youngest students the skills needed to rescue themselves when they fall into the water. In just five days, children go from no knowledge of swimming and water safety to learning a technique that will work in almost all cases:

  • Turn toward the place where you fell into the water
  • Kick with your feet to propel yourself back to the place you fell
  • Reach for the side of the pool

These three simple steps are enough to ensure greater safety and confidence in the water. By offering children swimming lessons that are tailored to their age, understanding and experience, parents can protect babies, toddlers and teens with the skills needed to survive in the water.

The experts at Baby Otter Swim School offer proven techniques suitable for babies, children and adults to give students the tools they need to stay safe in the water. We employ the Turn, Kick, Reach™ program for the fastest and most reliable results. Call us today at 1-888-794-6543 to request more information or to schedule a session in your area. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.