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Located less than 20 miles from Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton is a coastal city that’s considered a jewel of Palm Beach County! As the city’s population grew during the 1930s and 1940s, Boca Raton became an important agricultural spot for growing green beans and other winter crops. It’s so easy to keep busy in beautiful Boca Raton. The city is home to a long list of attractions that includes the Boca Raton Museum of Art, the Children’s Science Explorium, Mizner Park, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, and Sugar Sand Park. Of course, the nearly 100,000 residents who call Boca Raton home know that the best part about life here is having year-round access to a coastline consisting of several miles of lifeguard-protected beaches! From yacht clubs to snorkeling spots, water is life here in Boca Raton. What’s more, many Boca Raton homes have swimming pools. That’s why so many families prioritize Boca Raton swim lessons from the earliest ages! Baby Otter Swim School is the Boca Raton swim school parents have trusted for Boca Raton swim classes for decades! Learn how our proprietary system can help to foster water safety at any age!

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

TKR is Baby Otter Swim School’s proprietary system that can be used to teach kids to swim as soon as they learn to crawl! This is an essential course for ensuring that kids of all ages will know how to react if they ever fall in the water. Over the course of five consecutive days, learners will spend time developing their skills to feel confident and comfortable in the water. While this is an intensive experience, our trained instructors create a gentle, positive environment to ensure that kids never feel overwhelmed. The system has proven itself for 40 years! TKR is the ultimate way to ensure that your child’s first experience in the water is a positive one!

TKR Review

The companion to our TKR program, TKR Review is a course that builds on the skills learned during the private class. During this class, new swimmers will learn to strengthen and improve their skills.

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

This course is ideal for swimmers who have had some experience in the water. Students will learn rolling, floating, arm strategies, and techniques for diving for toys. At the end of the course, students will feel more confident than ever before in their swimming abilities!

Beginning Strokes, Level 2

This class is only for swimmers who have completed the Level 1 course. During this class, swimmers have an opportunity to learn the breaststroke. They will also learn how to use rhythmic breathing for freestyle to enhance safety and confidence in the water!

Beginning Strokes, Level 3

For those looking for advanced Boca Raton swim classes, Level 3 is a perfect option for increasing competence in the water. This class is open to students who have completed Level 2. During this experience, swimmers will learn side stroke, elementary backstroke, backstroke, treading water, and survival technique.

Adult Classes

Yes, Baby Otter Swim School does offer adult Boca Raton swim lessons! Our adult Boca Raton swim classes can serve the needs of people who have had different experiences with swimming. In some cases, students have never learned how to swim. Others are simply seeking a “refresher” course after being out of the water for years. In addition to helping you enjoy being around the water, these classes can also help to ensure that you have the skills needed to safely enjoy the water with your children if you are a parent or guardian.

Book Boca Raton Swim Lessons Today

Don’t leave water safety up to chance! From beaches to swimming pools, there’s simply no way around the fact that water is a part of life here in Boca Raton. Baby Otter Swim School’s founders developed specialized techniques for water safety at all ages out of desire to stop water-related tragedies. We offer positive, personalized attention from trained instructors to help create a positive first experience for little swimmers. Spots are open for Boca Raton swim classes at our Boca Raton swim school now! Call 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) now or contact us online to register!

Our Co-Founders

Marlene Bloom & Mindy York

Baby Otter utilizes their proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® systems developed by its founders and proven in Florida over the last 40 years to dramatically decrease the drowning statistics. We have the best trained staff in the industry who are as dedicated to our cause as we are.

Mindy York, Baby Otter Co-Founder, demonstrates the Baby Otter Swim School proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system.

Baby Otter Swim School

Boca Raton, Florida

Servicing Boca Raton, Florida

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