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Cooper City is a lovely hometown for families that offers parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, and picnic spots just 20 miles outside of Miami! Locals spend their time enjoying great restaurants, cute shops, and state-of-the-art sports complexes. This Broward County city was founded by a businessman named Morris Cooper in 1959. Present-day Cooper City was one of the first permanent settlements of the Seminoles.

With recreation being such a big part of life here, it’s not surprising that many Cooper City families have water safety on their minds. That’s why finding a highly rated Cooper City swim school is so important! If you’re looking for Cooper City swim lessons for kids and adults, look no further than Baby Otter Swim School. Baby Otter has been a trusted name in water education for 40 years. You don’t have to wait until your child is a certain age to begin Cooper City swim classes. At Baby Otter Swim School, students are ready as soon as they are able to crawl. Take a look at our roster of available Cooper City swim lessons below.

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

TKR is the signature system that was developed by Baby Otter’s founders more than four decades ago. Designed to teach children water basics from the moment they can crawl, TKR takes place over the course of five consecutive Cooper City swim lessons to create the perfect environment for building proficiency. TKR helps little swimmers to build confidence in the water. Parents will appreciate that this system focuses on helping kids to know what to do if they fall into the water using one-on-one instruction. In fact, our proprietary swim methods can help first-time swimmers begin learning how to swim in just three hours! We are excited to offer this essential course that can help your child to have a positive first experience in a pool.

TKR Review

TKR Review builds on the lessons in our TKR program. During this course, students will learn a variety of skills for moving in the water. They will begin to feel confident and capable while trying new techniques.

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

Designed for swimmers who have had time to develop some experience in the water, our Level 1 class covers diving techniques, rolling, floating, and arm movement. Students emerge from this level feeling like real swimmers!

Beginning Strokes, Level 2

After completing Level 1, students can progress to this mid-tier class that focuses heavily on breaststroke. In addition, rhythmic breathing for freestyle will be introduced. This level provides an incredible opportunity for refining existing skills, learning new skills, and learning to have fun in the water while putting safety awareness first.

Beginning Strokes, Level 3

For students seeking slightly more advanced Cooper City swim classes, Level 3 provides a setting for strengthening and refining skills. Open exclusively for students who have completed Level 2, Level 3 covers treading water, survival technique, side stroke, elementary back, and backstroke.

Adult Classes

Baby Otter Swim School offers private adult Cooper City swim classes. There are many reasons why students sign up for adult swim lessons. Some never had an opportunity to learn to swim when they were younger. Others are looking to tighten up their swimming skills now that they have children of their own. While swimming lessons are important for children, they can be just as essential for adults tasked with monitoring water safety for their littles ones! Our Cooper City swim school will help you to learn essential techniques for safe, confident swimming.

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Water safety should be a priority at any age! That’s why Baby Otter Swim School offers Cooper City swim classes for students of all ages. Using our safety-first techniques that are designed to help young swimmers become comfortable in the water as soon as they are able to crawl, our instructors can help to create a positive first encounter with the water! Let us help you prioritize water safety in your family when you enroll in lessons taught by attentive certified instructors. To reserve your spot in one of our Cooper City swim classes, call 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) now or contact us online.

Our Co-Founders

Marlene Bloom & Mindy York

Baby Otter utilizes their proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® systems developed by its founders and proven in Florida over the last 40 years to dramatically decrease the drowning statistics. We have the best trained staff in the industry who are as dedicated to our cause as we are.

Mindy York, Baby Otter Co-Founder, demonstrates the Baby Otter Swim School proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system.

Baby Otter Swim School

Cooper City, Florida

Servicing Cooper City, Florida

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