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Long Island Swim Lessons

Long Island residents are spoiled by natural beauty, amazing culture, and quick access to New York City. Long Island is famed for its vineyards, beaches, bicycle trails, and lighthouses. In addition to offering a perfect slice of suburban living, Long Island is also an artist’s refuge. Countless entertainers and media personalities call Long Island home. Locals can also explore residences that once belonged to Jackson Pollock, Walt Whitman, President Theodore Roosevelt, and many other important people from history. Places like Jones Beach State Park, Fire Island, and Montauk Point State Park offer glitzy beach experiences. A trip to Long Island Wine Country will convince anyone that they’ve been transported to a European countryside. Of course, Old Westbury Gardens, Oheka Castle, and other gilded estates serve as reminders of the decadence of Long Island. There’s no doubt that the ocean shapes the experience of living on Long Island. That’s why water safety is a top priority for parents! Are you looking for a place where your family can enroll in Long Island swim lessons?

Baby Otter Swim school is a traveling swim school that serves Long Island residents throughout Woodmere, Hewlett, Lawrence, Great Neck, Garden City and Westbury, Baby Otter Swim School is the best place for Long Island swim lessons for all ages! We are home to the exclusive Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR) system that makes it possible for first-time swimmers to learn the basics of swimming and water safety in just a few hours. Swimmers at all levels enjoy positivity and encouragement in a safety-first atmosphere where our instructors are dedicated to creating a positive experience that builds skills that will last for a lifetime. Take a look at the roster of Long Island swim classes currently open for enrollment.

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

Baby Otter Swim School is proud to be the creator of this unique five-day program that teaches children the basics of water safety. Designed to help children know how to react if they fall into the water, TKR is appropriate for children as soon as they can crawl. TKR has a 40-year track record of creating safe, confident swimmers. This course creates a perfect foundation for building additional water skills.

TKR Review

Designed for swimmers who have completed the TKR class, TKR review allows swimmers to strengthen and improve the skills they’ve already learned. First-time swimmers will learn how to hold their breath, put their face in the water, swim to pool steps, and swim to the pool wall.

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

This course is ideal for swimmers with some experience in the water. Building on skills that have already been learned, swimmers will learn how to do the log roll, float, and use their arms to dive for toys. Swimmers will leave this course feeling competent with basic water safety.

Beginning Strokes, Level 2:

Ideal for swimmers who have completed Level 1, this course introduces the breast stroke and rhythmic breathing for freestyle. Swimmers will begin to feel more confident as they build their skills.

Beginning Strokes, Level 3:

Once students have completed Level 2, they can dive into Level 3 to learn side stroke, elementary backstroke, backstroke, treading water, and survival technique for increased safety and enjoyment in the water.


As part of our commitment to promoting water safety at every age, our Long Island swim school offers private classes designed to help adults who have never learned to swim feel confident in the water. Our adult Long Island swim classes are also ideal for adults seeking to improve their skills in the water. Many parents decide to enroll in our Long Island swim lessons to boost water safety for the whole family because they question their ability to handle intense situations while swimming with their children.

Enroll in Long Island Swim Lessons Today

Our instructors offer caring, positive interactions that allow our students to feel confident in the water. Our Long Island swim school franchise was founded with the purpose of reducing water-related tragedies. That’s why we focus on safety-first techniques that allow swimmers of all ages to achieve proficiency in the water. Enroll your family in Long Island swim lessons today! Call 516-870-2213 or email today!

Our Franchisees Story

Glenn Donlon, Baby Otter Long Island, New York Franchise Owner

My name is Glenn Donlon I have been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. I started teaching swimming lessons when I was a teenager when I was a lifeguard at our local pool. I have had aquatic experience most of my life from teaching private lessons to running a swim school here on Long Island. It was teaching swimming lessons years ago that showed me how important it is to teach children how to swim to be safe around the water and enjoy a lifetime of aquatic activities. When I first saw Mindy and Marlene’s Baby Otter website and the amazing work that they have done with children and adults it brought back the memories of how wonderful it was to be a part of seeing children and adults learning to swim. I am so impressed with Marlene and Mindy’s dedication and the way they care about each student that takes lessons at Baby Otter swim schools. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Baby Otter family. I am looking forward to bringing that kind of dedication to Long Island. 

Glenn, Baby Otter Long Island, New York Franchise Owner, with one of his students.

Baby Otter Swim School

Long Island, New York

Servicing Woodmere, Hewlett, Lawrence, Great Neck, Garden City and Westbury, New York

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