No tears, no trembling, just pure confidence!

Good Morning, Staci!

We hope you had a great Fourth of July. We wanted to share some swimming highlights from Mila’s weekend because she impressed and surprised us everyday! On Sunday after getting acclimated to my sister’s pool and practicing her kicks, she swam to the side and stairs several times!! No tears, no trembling, just pure confidence in her skills and techniques!! She even pointed to the side and signed for more while in my arms!

Yesterday, David and I took her for a swim in our pool. Once again, she pointed to the side and stairs to practice her skills and did so well! We are beyond grateful to you for your patience last week and are so happy we chose to peruse lessons with you. We will continue to work with her and will keep in touch with her progress. Moreover, I’ll be sure to spread the word about your incredible program and the confidence it gives children and parents alike.

Have a wonderful day,


PS- she even likes her stuffed otter now, too! No crying when she sees her bathing suit either!