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With about 237 sunny days every year in Palm Beach, Florida, swimming is one of the favored pastimes in our area. Making sure your children are ready for fun in the water requires attention to water safety. Swimming lessons are one of the best ways for Palm Beach families to protect children from the dangerous consequences of failing to learn to swim and to be water safe at an early age. Baby Otter Swim School is a Palm Beach swim school that has been certified at the state and national levels as an instructional course in swimming for children as young as nine months of age.

Drowning Poses a Serious Threat to Young Children

Drowning is the number one cause of death among children between the ages of one and four in the state of Florida. Many of these children drown in their own family swimming pools or in those of their close neighbors. A relatively small investment in swimming lessons can provide children with the skills needed to survive if they should fall into deep water. Baby Otter Swim School offers swim survival training. The instructions at this Palm Beach swim school will come to your location to provide you and your children with the training necessary to ensure that they can rescue themselves if they do fall into deep water.

Swimming Lessons Reduce the Risk of Drowning

Studies have shown that children who have received swimming instruction, especially at an early age, are less likely to drown than those without this type of instruction. One study indicated that children and teens who have had survival swim training are 88 percent more likely to survive a fall into deep water than those who did not receive this type of training. Survival swimming instruction for toddlers and young children is especially important to teach them the skills necessary to save themselves if they fall into water. Survival swimming skills focus on reaching safety quickly and staying safe until help can arrive. This can save the lives of children in Palm Beach, Florida.

We Teach Children to Rescue Themselves

Baby Otter Swim School uses the Turn, Kick, Reach® method for teaching children exactly what to do if they fall into the water. As soon as your child can crawl, they can learn using this method, which will teach your child the following skills:

  • Turning toward the spot where they fell in
  • Kicking to propel themselves forward
  • Reaching for the edge of the pool or other body of water
  • Holding their breath
  • Putting their face in the water

These simple skills could save your child’s life if they fall into water and are not rescued immediately. By giving your child the confidence and the knowledge needed to react quickly to these situations, the instructors at Baby Otter Swim School can help your child to make the right moves in what could be very dangerous situations.

We Come to You

Rather than holding large group classes in a communal swimming pool, the caring and experienced swim instructors at Baby Otter Swim School will come to your pool or to a local swimming pool to provide your child with personalized instruction. The school also offers group swimming instruction and refresher courses taught with the same care and attention to your child as individual sessions. Baby Otter Swim School’s swimming courses meet the same stringent requirements as Red Cross swimming lessons and take much less time to show results.

The Instructional Options We Offer

Baby Otter Swim School offers a variety of programs that are aimed at helping children and teens learn basic swimming and swim survival skills:

  • Turn, Kick, Reach® classes are held on five consecutive days and provide the basic skills needed for water survival.
  • Turn, Kick, Reach® group classes are available for children who have completed the initial Turn, Kick, Reach® individual program. These classes offer the opportunity to review and refresh the skills learned during the initial instructional sessions.
  • Beginning Strokes Levels 1-3 offer traditional swim lessons that focus on fun and safety in the water. Children and teens start at Level 1 and progress through the levels to achieve competency and survival skills in the water.
  • Adult private classes are also available with our caring and compassionate staff. These classes are suitable for novices and for those who have never learned to swim at all.

All classes at this Palm Beach swim school are suitable for special needs children and are taught by experienced and careful instructors.

If you are interested in learning more about Baby Otter Swim School and the programs the school offers for toddlers, children and adults, call 1-888-SWIM-KID today. The friendly and knowledgeable Palm Beach swim instructors will be happy to discuss the programs with you and to schedule your class. We look forward to the chance to touch base with you.

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