Pediatrician Prescribes Childhood Swimming Lessons for her Patients

Childhood Swimming Lessons with Baby Otter Swim School

Making sure that your children are water-safe is essential to protect them against the risks of swimming pools and other bodies of water. A pediatrician in Chandler, Arizona, is even prescribing childhood swimming lessons to her patients as a way to prevent accidental drownings among younger children in her area.

Partnering With State Agencies

Dr. Judy Pendleton of Pendleton Pediatrics has begun distributing information to the parents of her patients in association with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona. This organization is committed to providing the information and guidance needed to help parents protect their children against the very real risks of water. Dr. Pendleton stamps a prescription for childhood swimming lessons on a pamphlet that outlines the benefits of water safety training for children.

Water Safety Starts Early

Most experts recommend beginning water safety training and childhood swimming lessons before children reach one year of age. This will help children to become accustomed to the water and will ensure that these younger babies have the skills necessary to prevent drowning if they should fall into deep water. The strategies used to teach children during their first few years of life are simple and directed toward helping these little ones rescue themselves in swimming pools and other areas where water is present.

The Turn-Kick-Reach Method

The Turn-Kick-Reach® method of teaching swimming is one of the most effective strategies possible for children of all ages. This method requires five days and provides children with the skills necessary to turn back toward the place where they fell into the water, to kick their feet and to reach for the side of the pool or other body of water.

At the Baby Otter Swim School, we employ the proprietary Turn-Kick-Reach® method in teaching children as young as eight months to swim and to save themselves in water. Our teaching strategies are designed to produce remarkable results in just five lessons. If you are interested in requesting more information or in scheduling a class with our instructors, call us today at 1-888-794-6543. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.