Port St. Lucie – Club Med

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Everyone remembers where they first learned to swim

Imagine that memory being Club Med

Parent Testimonial

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for making the Baby Otter swim program available to us at our recent visit to the Club Med at Port St. Lucie!  We had an amazing experience with Mindy from Baby Otter.  We enrolled our 4.5 year old daughter, who had never swam before and was frankly pretty scared of the water.  She unfortunately couldn’t complete the program as she got sick on our last day (also the 5th and final day of the program), but the progress we saw was unbelievable.  She screamed bloody murder during the first session but couldn’t wait to get back in the pool the following days (and now loves the water!).  Random people were literally coming up to give her high fives the 2nd day given the transformation they witnessed overnight.  Our only regret was not being able to enroll our 2.5 year old son, who was sick (of course) for a good portion of the trip and did not recover in time to participate in the program.  I’ve never seen a program quite like it at other resorts / destinations, and I’m so happy we “discovered” it this summer.  Can’t wait to enroll both kids next time we’re back!