This school is Otter-ly AMAZING!

Where to even begin!! This school is Otter-ly AMAZING! We’ve been in the pool with my son since he was 2 weeks old. When he was just about 15 months old we tired a handful of other swim schools and our local gym (I won’t mention the names of those) but needless to say the swims schools either canceled our sessions, or kept giving us another teacher – both in which didn’t really help the overall situation of learning a new skill – a new stranger every week just wasn’t working. Not to mention those schools also only had lessons once maybe twice a week vs. baby otter with a full week program at the same time with the same coach! My son got to a point where he didn’t even want to touch the water because the other schools just weren’t consistent.

Now Baby Otter – What a wave of fresh air!! Jaxson was swimming in less than a week and ENJOYING it not screaming or crying for the entire lesson! We did two full weeks of lessons – about 3 weeks apart, and Jaxson was so EXCITED to see Coach Cara again! She was so informative, passionate, and caring! She was able to give direction and motivation, she was able to get Jaxson to cooperate in ways I’ve never seen him before. Not only did they teach my son how to save his OWN life in the event of falling into the pool, but they also taught him patience, resilience, and that it’s okay to be frustrated! I am so beyond impressed with this program, and their staff! We have another two weeks of lessons coming up and I can’t wait to see what Coach Cara, and Jaxson can accomplish! He swims like a little fish now and we can’t keep him out of the pool!