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Delray Beach is known as an enchanted destination located just 30 miles north of Fort Lauderdale. Like many of the surrounding communities in Florida, Delray Beach has a rich agricultural history. In its original heyday back in the 1920s, Delray Beach was the largest town between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s east coast. Much of the historic architecture from the time has been preserved for people to enjoy during Delray Beach’s newer boom.

The highlight of the city is the pedestrian-friendly main strip of Atlantic Avenue that offers amazing food, shopping, and nightlife by the waterfront. Both locals and out-of-town visitors love exploring the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, and the other treasures nestled in this seaside city. Of course, Delray Public Beach is the main spot for fun and sun! Swimming is a common pastime in this beach town. That’s exactly why families can’t delay when it comes to enrolling in Delray Beach swim lessons. Baby Otter Swim School is a trusted institution with a 40-year track record of helping swimmers of all ages enjoy water safety. Keep reading to learn about our available Delray Beach swim classes.

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

TKR is intended to provide a gentle and thorough introduction to the water for even the youngest of swimmers. In fact, this has been the proprietary system used by our swim school for four decades. At its core, TKR ensures that children know how to react if they ever unexpectedly fall into the water. It also creates the groundwork for a lifetime of acquiring powerful swimming skills! This course is considered ideal for children starting from the moment they first crawl. Our TKR program offers five consecutive days of Delray Beach swim lessons to create an intensive experience.

TKR Review

Our TKR Review course is intended to be taken after completion of the TKR course. During this class, students will revisit some of the core skills developed during TKR. Students will also build on those skills to become more confident in the water.

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

Level 1 offers a natural way to pivot to more complex swimming concepts after completing the TKR levels. During this class, little swimmers will refine the skills they’ve already acquired, develop new skills, and gain a deeper understanding of how to safely move in the water. Skills covered include rolling, floating, arm movements, and diving for toys.

Beginning Strokes, Level 2

Level 2 is a great companion to Level 1 because it helps students to move into a phase of building expertise and competency in the water. The highlight of this course is the breaststroke. Students will also be trained in rhythmic breathing for freestyle.

Beginning Strokes, Level 3

Level 3 is a class designed to help swimmers increase competency. Once they’ve completed Level 2, students can sign up for this class to learn skills for treading water, backstroke, survival technique, and other moves.

Adult Classes

Baby Otter Swim School is pleased to announce that we offer adult swimming classes at our highly rated Delray Beach swim school. Our adult Delray Beach swim classes are one-on-one classes that are designed to help adult swimmers at all levels feel more confident in the water. While you may know the basics of swimming, you could be interested in Delray Beach swimming lessons because you want to feel more confident about being in the water with your kids. Additionally, many of the students who enroll in our adult Delray Beach swimming classes simply never learned how to swim as children. Our courteous, highly skilled instructors will meet you right at your skill level!

Book Delray Beach Swim Lessons for All Ages Today

It’s always a great idea to enroll in a Delray Beach swim school if any member of your family needs to learn how to swim. In addition to helping to reduce water accidents, private swimming lessons can also simply make time in the water more fun. Our Delray Beach swim school is staffed with skilled certified instructors with a passion for water safety! Call 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) now or contact us online to learn more!

Our Co-Founders

Marlene Bloom & Mindy York

Baby Otter utilizes their proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® systems developed by its founders and proven in Florida over the last 40 years to dramatically decrease the drowning statistics. We have the best trained staff in the industry who are as dedicated to our cause as we are.

Mindy York, Baby Otter Co-Founder, demonstrates the Baby Otter Swim School proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system.

Baby Otter Swim School

Delray Beach, Florida

Servicing Delray Beach, Florida

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