Turn Kick Reach

Program Overview


Program Overview

Age: 9 months and up
Setting: Private
Description: Unique five consecutive day program to teach children, as young as nine months, what to do if they fell into the water.
Special Needs Friendly: Yes

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(Ages: 9 months and up) Turn, Kick, Reach® is a private five consecutive day program teaching children as young as nine months, what to do if they fell into the water.

During our Turn, Kick, Reach® 5 Day Program, children will:

  • learn to hold their breath (using a set of commands)
  • put their face in the water
  • swim to the steps and wall by kicking
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, to turn around and swim back to where they fell into the water, because that is usually the closest place to reach safely.

From Day 2 to Day 5 we have the parent come into the water the last 5 minutes so the instructor can teach you the proper way to practice with your child. Your instructor will make sure you are comfortable practicing at home so that this is a wonderful experience for both you and your child.

How Are We Different?

We are the Pioneers of the Turn, Kick Reach® FIVE day program. Our programs are State Certified meeting the same standards as the Red Cross. One of the founders created this program 40 years ago using lesson plans that work in a classroom and implementing that theory in the water. We have one of the most extensive training programs in the industry for our instructors who were voted #1 by our parents and South Florida Parenting magazine.

Other schools charge a monthly fee UNTIL your child learns to swim. As our prices may seem higher we are less expensive because we get the job done in a much quicker time using the one on one method and following a lesson plan based system.

Why Take Months To Teach Your Child To Swim?

Our loving approach has worked for decades. We set ourselves apart by having our own state certification. Not many schools can say the same. We have the best staff in the industry, voted #1 by our swimmers.

Baby Otter is a traveling swim school. Wherever your family is most comfortable, whether in your own home pool or at a local community pool, that’s where we’ll teach your lesson. This ensures you have your best possible environment to learn to swim.

Please contact us for additional information at 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543).

SPECIAL NEEDS LESSONS: All of our lessons have been successfully taught to special needs students in a private setting.