About Us

Utilizing TURN, KICK, REACH®

Baby Otter utilizes their proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® systems developed by its founders and proven in Florida over the last 40 years to dramatically decrease the drowning statistics. We have the best trained staff in the industry who are as dedicated to our cause as we are.

Founders Stories


The company began when Marlene Bloom, the founder and program developer of Baby Otter’s proprietary swim program, Turn, Kick, Reach®, repeatedly had to run into a pool to get her 2 ½ -year-old daughter out of the water so she would not drown. Being exasperated with the magnetic attraction her daughter had to water, she knew she had to get her into swimming lessons. Unfortunately, there were no programs that taught kids that young.

As an educator, Marlene knew she could develop a program herself that could work with kids that age. She spent an entire summer developing this amazing program using children of friends and family. This is how Turn, Kick, Reach® came into existence. 

Our goal is to stop drowning deaths not only in the United States but worldwide.

Over 40 years later, this year, Marlene is thrilled to teach her GREAT grandson how to swim. 

Marlene is still VERY active in building this business by supporting the Franchisees who will continue the vision she started.


Mindy has worked with Turn, Kick, Reach® for 30 years. She has training in business development and is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.

I became involved with the Turn, Kick, Reach® technique after my child who at the time was 17 months old was found at the bottom of a pool. Fortunately, I knew CPR, and was able to revive her. Marlene had been after me for months to sign my daughter up for lessons, and I called her immediately telling her what happened. My daughter was in lessons practically, the next day. After experiencing what the TKR Program could do for my daughter’s safety and my peace of mind, I knew it was my mission to save lives by working with Marlene bringing the Turn, Kick, Reach® program to the world. I now have two grandchildren who both learned the Turn, Kick, Reach® method before they were a year old. They are both very confident swimmers who love being in the water. The peace of mind I have is priceless.


My Jayden has always been “different” his entire life. From 18 months on, we knew there was an issue. He was in every therapy there was: from speech to occupational to physical, we were there 3x a week!

When the conversation first came up about Jayden possibly being “autistic” I was angry! I couldn’t process this information and was even insulted that someone would tell me that my baby had a problem! Jayden had always been exceptionally intelligent, beyond his means and brilliant in ways that I can’t even describe. At 4 years old he was testing on a 7-year-olds level via his IQ. He even recited the alphabet backwards at 3 when he finally started talking.

Having a child on the spectrum isn’t always easy but the fight is always worth it. For all the parents who are blessed and lucky enough to know and love a child with autism, just know your efforts are never too little. Everything you do for your baby works one way or another and everything together will pay off. Jayden, is my hero and I couldn’t be more proud to be his mommy!

Today I use my experiences with my son in conjunction with my degree and accommodate all children with special needs in and around the pool. I advocate for special needs children for their water safety and never give up! They are capable, even beyond capable, and I love every minute of it. The water is a release for these children, a release of their muscles. The water is a way for them to be free. We take accommodations to the pool to assure their understanding and retention and don’t give up. I have made visuals to bring to the lessons to help these amazing kiddos learn and big do they soar!

I couldn’t imagine a better job in the world than working with the most amazing kids in the world!