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Situated in Florida’s Brevard County, beautiful Melbourne occupies an enviable sliver of the Atlantic’s famed Space Coast. While most of the city is located within the Florida mainland, a portion offering fun, sun, and swimming is located on a barrier island that’s isolated by Indian River Lagoon. Melbourne is a dream for lovers of fresh air and the outdoors. It’s home to dune-filled Paradise Beach, the Brevard Zoo, Sebastian Inlet State Park, the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands, Space Coast Stadium, Florida Tech Botanical Garden, the Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens, and many more special places. For the nearly 85,000 people who call Melbourne home, outdoor fun is simply a part of life. That’s why finding Melbourne swim lessons for even the youngest of swimmers is important.

Baby Otter Swim School is proud to be the premier Melbourne swim school offering instruction for all ages. We offer a licensed system that is backed by decades of success for our students. Our school uses the proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system that was developed by our founders 40 years ago to help drastically reduce tragic drowning statistics. We invite all residents of Melbourne and the surrounding cities to experience Melbourne swim classes in a positive, safety-first setting! Take a look at our roster of available courses for swimmers of all ages.

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

Our TKR program is where it all started. This is an intensive five-day program consisting of consecutive lessons. Designed to help children learn the fundamentals of swimming as soon as they are able to crawl, TKR provides a powerful introduction to swimming designed to encourage a lifetime of safe water practices. This is the essential class if you’ve ever wondered in fear about what would happen if your child fell into the water.

TKR Review

Our refresher course for students who have completed the TKR program provides an even firmer foundation for beginner swimmers. In these Melbourne swim classes, students will have opportunities to strengthen and improve their skills. Water safety and bodily awareness will be improved to set the stage for further learning.

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

This class is for swimmers with some experience in the water. During each lesson, swimmers will gain expertise in essential water movements. Log rolls, floating, proper use of arms, and diving for toys will all be covered.

Beginning Strokes, Level 2

This round of Melbourne swim classes is designed for students who have recently completed our Level 1 course. Building on what swimmers already know, this course teaches students the breaststroke, rhythmic breathing for freestyle, and other essentials.

Beginning Strokes, Level 3

This is a great course for following up with more advanced Melbourne swim lessons after completing our Level 2 course. In this class, swimmers will move forward with learning side stroke, elementary backstroke, backstroke, treading water, and the all-important survival technique. At this point, swimmers are feeling confident in their skills. However, they understand that there’s no such thing as refining their abilities “too much.” With each lesson, confidence and comfort level will be heightened to create empowered, capable swimmers who understand the importance of putting safety first while having fun in the water.


Baby Otter Swim School is proud to be a Melbourne swim school offering private adult swim classes. Our Melbourne swim lessons for adults are intended for both first-time and beginner-level swimmers. This is a great chance to learn the basics, get a refresher on proper form, and discover basic water safety that can keep your entire family safer at the pool or beach. Many parents choose to enroll in our adult classes after enrolling their children in our Melbourne swim classes because they realize that water safety for the whole family is only as strong as the weakest link!

Enroll in Baby Otter Melbourne Swim School Today

At Baby Otter Swim School, we believe that a positive first-time introduction to the water can lead to a lifetime of enjoyable, responsible swimming. Our licensed instructors go above and beyond to make swimmers feel comfortable and confident using a system that works quickly! We are currently offering enrollment for all ages in our highly rated Melbourne swim classes. Please call 888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) today to reserve a spot!

Our Franchisees Story

Amy, Baby Otter Melbourne, FL Franchise Owner

As a former educator, I am ecstatic to be teaching children the crucial life skill of swimming. I have a Bachelors and Masters in education, which is why this curriculum-based swimming program is so appealing to me. Finding a job where I could use my skill set of working with children, combined with a passion of making a difference in the world, was a dream come true. When I am not in the water, I am spending time with my husband and three children. Together, we enjoy the outdoors and leading an adventurous lifestyle. I am OTTERLY thrilled to be a part of Baby Otter’s mission of saving lives!

A Melbourne, Florida Franchise student demonstrates the Baby Otter Swim School proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system.

Client Testimonial

My one year old can learn to swim in less than 3 hours??? This is what Baby Otter Swim School prides themselves on. I was skeptical to say the least and just very nervous as a first time mom. That said, all of my fears were truly eased when I met Amy, owner/instructor for the Melbourne market. She was super personable and, as a mother herself, could relate with my feelings. I probably needed more assurances than my daughter, initially. Amy was able to do just that while simultaneously explaining the process so I knew what to expect every step of the way. By the end of her first 30 minute lesson, I couldn’t believe my eyes…my baby girl was swimming! Amy was so sweet and gentle during the lessons but direct enough to ensure my daughter’s safety. It was tough on my momma heart but I’d do it again, tomorrow. Thank you Amy and Baby Otter Swim School!

Baby Otter Swim School

Melbourne, Florida

Servicing Melbourne, Florida

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