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Baby Otter is a “do good, feel good” service oriented business focused on saving children and adults from drowning by teaching them our proprietary STATE certified Five day “Turn, Kick, Reach”® private program of instruction. Being Florida’s Premier traveling swim school gives us the opportunity to reach the masses in a very rapid period of time.

*2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Kids Crown Award for the Best Swim/Fitness Program in South Florida from South Florida Parenting



This program was designed by one of the founders over 40 years ago. Our program’s STATE accreditation sets us apart from other swim schools. Our staff has over 75 years combined experience and voted #1 by our swimmers and parents. Our instructors have completed over 30 days of in water training to be certified. We are considered drowning prevention experts in the field of aquatics.

Our passion and commitment to saving children from drowning will never end until there are no more drownings.

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If your child fell in the water, would they know what to do?

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Baby Otter Swim School Is Florida’s Premier Traveling Swim School

Nobody cares more about your kids, except you. Baby Otter has been on a mission to end childhood drownings. We take our job to teach your kids to swim very seriously. We know it is a matter of life and death. 40 years and tens of thousands of great results are all the evidence you need, but if you’re still not convinced Baby Otter is the best swim school in the world, watch some of our video testimonials. 

At left, Andre Dawson “The Hawk” with Walter Payton’s granddaughter


  • Hello Miss Mindy (as you will forever be known to us)! How are you? I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Apple. She has been swimming (almost) everyday since you saw her. She has gotten tremendous confidence in the water. Now when we swim, she takes off on her own out of my arms and swims into her daddy’s. For days after the lessons ended, she would teach her duckies to swim during bath time. It was hilarious asking them to tell her “I can do it” and “ready, set, go!” It is quite a task to get her out of the pool now. When we are on her way she says, “I’m going to do my work, and then we can play.

    Our friends and family watch flabbergasted as they watch this little two year old swimming like a little fish. The best part is, I know that if she ever fell into a pool, she would know exactly how to save her life. How can you ever thank someone for teaching your child that skill? It is impossible. But we are so very grateful to you and Marlene. Thank you a million times over. We hope that in the autumn we can bring you over to teach phase two.

    Thank you again and lots of love to you and Marlene….”

    Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Fantastic teacher for swim lessons. We had one 11 year old with high functioning autism that wanted to learn to swim and Nikki was amazing with him. He made incredible progress in five lessons and can swim across the entire long length of the pool! His self esteem is skyrocketing! We also had a very resistant- to- lessons five year old. Nikki had him going underwater and kicking to the stairs after the first lesson. He was able to jump into the deep end, turn, kick and reach to side by the end of the week. We were very impressed and will definitely be using this swim school going forward for additional lessons. Love them!

    Lucas Machado
  • My son Lucas took TKR when he was 2 1/2 and successfully completed it. That was in November and the pool was cold so we never practiced and he developed a fear of going underwater. I tried on my own to re-teach him but I couldn’t get him past the crying. So I signed him up again at age 4.

    Ms. Andrea was able to have him swimming within 5 minutes. She was compassionate but determined enough to work past his fear quickly. By day five, he was swimming using his arms and jumped in willingly. Best money I’ve spent all year!

    I’m looking forward to a fun summer now that Lucas can swim.

    Kelly Lodowski
  • Mindy and Teresa are amazing! They taught our little guy to swim, made us feel comfortable, and were a pleasure to work with! Highly recommended.

    Jack Reed

Video Testimonials

We Also Cater to the Special Needs Community

Baby Otter Swim School is proud to instruct children with special needs.

At right, BabyOtter Founder Mindy York poses with former student, Baby Otter Ambassador, and Florida Special Olympics gold medalist Layla.

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