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Hello Miss Mindy (as you will forever be known to us)! How are you? I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Apple. She has been swimming (almost) everyday since you saw her. She has gotten tremendous confidence in the water. Now when we swim, she takes off on her own out of my arms and swims into her daddy’s. For days after the lessons ended, she would teach her duckies to swim during bath time. It was hilarious asking them to tell her “I can do it” and “ready, set, go!” It is quite a task to get her out of the pool now. When we are on her way she says, “I’m going to do my work, and then we can play.

Our friends and family watch flabbergasted as they watch this little two year old swimming like a little fish. The best part is, I know that if she ever fell into a pool, she would know exactly how to save her life. How can you ever thank someone for teaching your child that skill? It is impossible. But we are so very grateful to you and Marlene. Thank you a million times over. We hope that in the autumn we can bring you over to teach phase two.

Thank you again and lots of love to you and Marlene….

Gwyneth Paltrow

Daniella thank you so very much for giving me one less thing to worry about! It is amazing what you have taught King in 5 days! You are so very appreciated and a lovely person to boot!

Erin & Kingston

My son Lucas took TKR when he was 2 1/2 and successfully completed it. That was in November and the pool was cold so we never practiced and he developed a fear of going underwater. I tried on my own to re-teach him but I couldn’t get him past the crying. So I signed him up again at age 4.

Ms. Andrea was able to have him swimming within 5 minutes. She was compassionate but determined enough to work past his fear quickly. By day five, he was swimming using his arms and jumped in willingly. Best money I’ve spent all year!

I’m looking forward to a fun summer now that Lucas can swim.

Kelly Lodowski

Hi, my son Felix who is 2 just finished his 5 day course with Wendy at our pool…..it was great, she did a super job giving him (and me) the confidence to have him swimming!

Dave Raphael

My name is Cate and I am the mother of two children with Autism.

From the minute my children were born, before the disability diagnosis, I was very focused on making sure my children could swim as soon as they came of age. Once the children were diagnosed with Autism, I knew that the need for water safety instruction and swim lessons was absolutely critical for their survival, as children with Autism can be abnormally drawn to water and can have a difficult time understanding the concept of danger.

I went searching for swim schools and was repeatedly denied. Without even seeing my son, who is considered severe and nonverbal, I was told that he would never learn to swim. I was also told that with my daughter’s difficult behaviors, she was also “not welcome” for swim instruction. The final devastating blow came when a swim school who actually used a nonverbal Autistic child and their ability to learn in their program as a selling point to bring in clients, proceeded to tell me my nonverbal son could not be taught to swim.

I was sad and I was scared for the safety of my children, living in a state filled with lakes, pools and surrounded on three sides by the sea. Finally, my pediatrician sent me to Baby Otter where he had sent his children for lessons.

From the minute I first spoke with the school, I knew we were in good hands! I was not told my children were guaranteed to swim in any specific time frame, but I was assured that the instructors at the swim school would stay with both of my kids until they learned to swim, regardless of their learning disability or “limitations”. We enrolled by kids at the ages of 4 and 5 into the TKR, Turn, Kick, Reach program.

Not only did both of my kids pass the TKR on the fifth day, but both of my kids became such strong swimmers so quickly, they were enrolled in the school’s Special Needs Swim Team in which they were awarded medals! My children have continued to grow in ability and strength through the years and they have both become the best swimmers I know! Not only that, they both swim regularly in the ocean and surf!

Baby Otter truly changed the course of their lives forever!

Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center is amazing, the instructors are masters at balancing being loving and nurturing while being very professional.

Kim Krause


Jacob is doing GREAT with his training and swimming, has developed a lot more confidence in the water as well. We practice with him his skills at least 3-4 days a week and he loves it.

Please tell our instructor, Andrew, he did a great job, and that Jacob keeps asking when he is coming back over to swim with him ????

Thanks so much,

Jessica O

Grace is doing great! We are practicing every day. She is moving her legs more in the water. Jessica was awesome!

Gaëlle N

On behalf of my guest and myself I would like to commend this company Baby Otters on such super customer service that was given on the first time in use with The Conrad Miami, I was in a bind and your answering service was wonderful in taking my information on an urgent last minute reservation. Rachel and Staci are my Hero’s getting back to me on a timely matter with everything that I need to get the guest started “Thank You” Comments from the Mr. & Mrs. Gerdes, his wife

Loved the services very personal and attentive Daniella is the best her services will be requested again. We are very happy to have you as our Family. Thank you so much for everything.

Best Wishes,
Kefyrah A. Yisrael
Chief Concierge
Conrad Miami
Espirito Santo Plaza
1395 Brickell Avenue
Miami, Fl 33131
o: 305.503.6577

Elijah is LOVING the pool. We go almost every day and he is SO confident in the water now. Daniella is an amazing instructor. She was so good with Elijah and he really enjoyed her too. She was on time every day and very patient. I was very impressed.  Thank you,  Lia


Good Morning, Staci!

We hope you had a great Fourth of July. We wanted to share some swimming highlights from Mila’s weekend because she impressed and surprised us everyday! On Sunday after getting acclimated to my sister’s pool and practicing her kicks, she swam to the side and stairs several times!! No tears, no trembling, just pure confidence in her skills and techniques!! She even pointed to the side and signed for more while in my arms!

Yesterday, David and I took her for a swim in our pool. Once again, she pointed to the side and stairs to practice her skills and did so well! We are beyond grateful to you for your patience last week and are so happy we chose to peruse lessons with you. We will continue to work with her and will keep in touch with her progress. Moreover, I’ll be sure to spread the word about your incredible program and the confidence it gives children and parents alike.

Have a wonderful day,


PS- she even likes her stuffed otter now, too! No crying when she sees her bathing suit either!

This year has been a year full of positive life changing experiences for our family. The one that sticks out the most was having our 5 year old, autistic, amazing daughter join the Baby Otters swimming classes. She could swim, but could not put her face in the water, and we really wanted her to feel absolutely comfortable in the water, due to the fact that we live in south Florida and we are pretty much surrounded by lakes, canals, pools, and ocean.

On our first day as the instructor started to put her face in the water a couple of times, for a few seconds, my daughter’s reaction was to run out of the pool screaming and came to me. Of course immediately I interfered and asked that they go a little easier on her. I just had a really hard time watching it. On our way home, my husband asked to do this alone with my daughter. He knows I tend to be overprotective, and that this would be something he’d like to try alone with her. As apprehensive as I was, I said OK.

The following week, our second swimming lesson came, and I of course was not there, but watched a clip from my husband’s camera that he had filmed while my daughter had her face in the water, and was absolutely proud as proud can be of herself.

My daughter is not only swimming with her face under the water, but also jumping in the deep end of the pool, and simply having a blast doing it.

All I can say is that having our child join the Baby Otters swimming classes has been an amazing experience. Their patience and passion absolutely blew my mind. They just know how to teach children how to swim! I absolutely, 100% recommend it!


Jana Fonseca

I am so thrilled to have the Baby Otter team work with our little one! Our instructor Jessica is patient, kind and reassuring with our toddler. On day 2 our little one displayed less fear and more confidence! It’s amazing to watch! Thank you for the IMPORTANT work you do!

Mindy and Teresa are amazing! They taught our little guy to swim, made us feel comfortable, and were a pleasure to work with! Highly recommended.

Jack Reed

We had one 11 year old with high functioning autism that wanted to learn to swim and Nikki was amazing with him. He made incredible progress in five lessons and can swim across the entire long length of the pool! His self esteem is skyrocketing! We also had a very resistant- to- lessons five year old. Nikki had him going underwater and kicking to the stairs after the first lesson. He was able to jump into the deep end, turn, kick and reach to side by the end of the week. We were very impressed and will definitely be using this swim school going forward for additional lessons. Love them!

Lucas Machado