Baby Otter Swim School and the Alliance of Blacks & Jews Partner to Offer Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

This blog post is summary of the recent EIN Presswire press release found here.

For more than four decades, Baby Otter Swim School has strived to meet its mission to end child drownings in Florida by teaching people from young toddlers to adults how to swim. Baby Otter Swim School’s innovative and proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® program allows children to learn how to swim as early as they have begun crawling in as few as five sessions.

Because of the broad success of Baby Otter Swim School’s methods over the last 40 years in Florida, the school has drawn the attention of major investors who want to offer opportunities to underprivileged and minority communities in both Florida and throughout the U.S. This has resulted in an exciting partnership between Baby Otter Swim School and the Black and Jewish communities to offer pathways to ownership for underprivileged women through swim school franchise scholarships.

Alliance of Blacks & Jews Offers Opportunities for Women

The Alliance of Blacks & Jews was founded by former Miami, Florida police officer Julius V. Jackson, Sr., and prominent attorney and former Hollywood Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom four years ago after the two met by chance. The pair decided to create the Alliance of Blacks & Jews, an organization dedicated to fostering proactive collaboration between the Black and Jewish communities. Once the organization was created, Pastor Billy Thompson, a former NBA star, and Liz Brauser, a Jewish business leader and philanthropist, joined to head the for-profit and non-profit divisions, respectively.

From its inception, the Alliance of Blacks & Jews has worked to create opportunities for individuals of the Black community and other underprivileged people in South Florida, throughout the U.S., and Africa by providing mentoring, training, financing, and ownership pathways through which people can obtain jobs and start businesses.

Pledge By the Alliance of Blacks & Jews

Baby Otter Swim School caught the attention of the Alliance of Blacks & Jews because of the swim school’s long history of helping people of all ages learn to swim. The school is known throughout South Florida for its proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® swim program through which anyone can learn to swim in just five, 30-minute sessions. The school has taught babies who can crawl how to swim, adults who never learned to swim as children, and even Andre Dawson, a Hall of Fame baseball player who learned to swim under the school’s tutelage at age 50.

Baby Otter Swim School was founded by Marlene Bloom, an educator, and Mindy York, a businesswoman. The pair had a mission to end child drownings in Florida through the creation of their proprietary teaching methods and have helped to save countless lives over the past four decades. Because of their goal to save children from drowning in other states and around the world, the founders decided to expand the school’s reach by offering franchise opportunities to people around the world.

The Alliance of Blacks & Jews recognized the importance of Baby Otter Swim School’s program and its goal of ending childhood drownings. The Alliance has partnered with Baby Otter Swim School and has pledged $1 million to help 25 single mothers become franchisees and own their own Baby Otter Swim School franchises. The Alliance is offering loans, grants, and scholarships to single mothers who will commit themselves to learning the proprietary swim program and teaching minority children how to swim. The women will learn how to operate their businesses so that they can support their families and improve both their lives and communities.

Mindy York and Marlene Bloom are both former single mothers and are now grandparents to children who are members of the Black and Jewish communities. They understand how difficult it can be for single mothers to raise their children with few resources and minimal help. Both women also understand that children in minority communities have a higher risk of drowning, and they recognize that empowering single mothers to become business owners while teaching children to swim can help expand the school’s mission to reach children all over the world.

The Alliance of Blacks & Jews has provided clean water, electricity, hospitals, and schools to hundreds of millions of people in Africa. Keith Wasserstrom, who serves on the board directors for both the Alliance of Blacks & Jews and Baby Otter Swim School, stated that Baby Otter’s mission to save lives fits in well with the Alliance’s mission of improving the lives of underprivileged minorities.

Baby Otter Swim School Franchise Opportunities

Baby Otter Swim School has helped babies, toddlers, children, and adults learn how to swim for more than four decades. For more information about learning to swim or franchise opportunities click here, or call Baby Otter Swim School today at 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543).