Baby Otter Swim School Named a Celebrity Favorite in US Magazine

Baby Otter Swim School has long been recognized across South Florida and throughout the state as the premier provider of swimming lessons for people of all ages. With the school’s innovative Turn, Kick, Reach® program, the company has taught countless children, including babies as soon as they learn to crawl, how to swim since 1975. Recently, Baby Otter Swim School was mentioned in US Magazine as a celebrity favorite, attesting to the school’s reputation and broad reach.

Baby Otter Swim School Mentioned in US Magazine

On Sept. 17, Baby Otter Swim School was mentioned in US Magazine in a section about celebrity favorites. Celebrity actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow listed the school as her favorite. Her daughter, Apple, learned to swim as a young child with the help of swimming lessons through Baby Otter. Paltrow shares her daughter and son with her ex-husband, Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay.

Paltrow also wrote a glowing testimonial about Baby Otter Swim School that appears on its website. According to Paltrow, Apple roleplayed her swimming lessons with her rubber ducks in the bath soon after her lessons. She said that her friends were “flabbergasted” when they saw Apple at age two swimming like a fish in the pool. Paltrow said the best part was her confidence that Apple would know what to do if she ever fell into a pool.

Why Coverage Is Important

The coverage of the school is important because it demonstrates the broad appeal and reach of its successful Turn, Kick, Reach® program for teaching people of all ages to swim. Many swimming schools only deliver lessons to older children and adults, but Baby Otter has successfully used its novel teaching methodologies to teach babies how to navigate the water as soon as they can crawl. Through the school’s Turn, Kick Reach® program, countless lives have been saved from drowning since its inception in 1975.

The founders of Baby Otter Swim School, educator Marlene Bloom and businesswoman Mindy York, developed the teaching methodology to prevent childhood drowning. With its program, children and adults can learn to swim in as few as five 30-minute sessions. Because of their goal of ending preventable drownings, the co-founders decided to branch out into other states by offering franchise opportunities.

Mentions in publications like US Magazine help to get the message out so that more people will learn about the school and the innovative swimming lessons it offers. This type of coverage might help to save even more lives from drowning because it could inform parents that they have a well-respected, proven option for helping their babies and toddlers learn to swim.

Learn More About Swimming Lessons From Baby Otter

Whether you are an adult who never learned to swim, someone who wants to improve your skills, or the parent of a young child, Baby Otter Swim School is the best choice for swimming lessons. Our program is state-certified, setting it apart from other swimming schools. We have taught babies, children, and adults how to swim in Florida for more than four decades. To learn more and enroll in swimming lessons, contact Baby Otter Swim School today at 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543).