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Dr. Phillips, Florida is a bustling community nestled in Orange County. Named after a pioneer in the citrus industry who went on to sell the bulk of his property to Minute Maid during the 1950s, Dr. Phillips definitely offers plenty of vitamin C, sunshine, and family fun to this day! Locals love the golf courses, shops, restaurants, and spas that line the neighborhoods around Sand Lake Road. Locals also love the 43-acre park situated on Big Sand Lake. What’s more, the community’s location on the shore of the Butler Chain of Lakes means that water sports and boating are simply part of life in Dr. Phillips. That means that water safety is on everyone’s mind. Families in Dr. Phillips count on Baby Otter Swim School for swimming lessons for all ages!

Look no further for the best Dr. Phillips swim school! Baby Otter Swim School is a state-certified institution offering Dr. Phillips swim classes for all ages. Using a proprietary Turn, Kick, Reach® system developed by the Baby Otter Swim School founders, instructors are able to teach both children and adults the essentials of swimming in just three hours! Baby Otter Swim School instructors have spent the last 40 years focused on using water education to reduce drowning statistics. Once you enroll in Dr. Phillips swim classes, you’ll be provided with individualized attention in a safety-first environment. Baby Otter Swim School offers a positive, empowering environment focused on helping everyone enjoy the confidence and freedom of knowing how to swim. Select the ideal class to start your swimming journey from our roster of Dr. Phillips swim lessons below!

Turn, Kick, Reach® (TKR)

Turn, Kick, Reach® is the signature swim class offered by Baby Otter Swim School. Designed to teach children and first-time swimmers basic water skills, this course is essential for establishing safety and confidence in the water. Students will learn to hold their breath, place their faces in the water, and swim to both the pool stairs and pool wall. This five-day experience concludes with a lesson on how to react after falling in the water that equips swimmers to turn back, kick their feet, locate the pool’s edge, and climb out. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!

TKR Review

TKR Review is designed to be a refresher for students who have completed the first TKR class. During this class, swimmers will be given tools to review what they know, refine their water skills, and grow more confident in the water. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!

Beginning Strokes, Level 1

This class is suited for swimmers with basic levels of experience and comfort around water. Students will learn how to log roll, float, properly use their arms in the water, and dive for toys. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!

Beginning Strokes, Level 2

Ideal for swimmers who have completed Level 1, this class builds on recently acquired skills to help swimmers advance to breaststroke, rhythmic breathing for freestyle swimming, and several other essential techniques. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!

Beginning Strokes, Level 3

Intended for swimmers who have completed Level 2, this class teaches students side stroke, elementary backstroke, backstroke, treading water, and survival technique. Students enrolled at this level are feeling confident in their swimming skills. They are also curious to learn more about safety techniques that will allow them to enjoy the water. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!


As part of a commitment to water safety at every age, Baby Otter Swim School proudly offers Dr. Phillips swim lessons for adults. Designed primarily for adults who never learned to swim, these lessons can also help semi-experienced swimmers to improve their skills for increased safety and confidence in the water. Enroll at our Dr. Phillips swim school today!

Dr. Phillips Swim Classes for Water Safety at Every Age

Baby Otter Swim School operates on the belief that everyone deserves the satisfaction that comes with being able to swim safely! We have a 40-year track record of helping swimmers of all ages learn the right techniques for enjoying the water in a responsible manner. Let us help your family feel confident and capable when it comes to swimming. Contact us at 1-888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) today to get more information about enrolling in Dr. Phillips swim classes!

Our Franchisees Story

Staci, Baby Otter Dr. Phillips, Florida Franchise Owner

I grew up in South Florida and was a near drowning victim at 17 months old. My mom decided what happened to me, will never happen to another child.  I started working the company at 18 years old and worked it from the bottom up. I have my masters in business and my masters in Special Education. As a special needs mom, I wanted to make sure every child can learn to swim. As a company, we have incorporated visuals to allow for accommodations and modifications for children who learned differently, and with that, we have had nothing short of success, with the most amazing children on the planet. I decided to take on the journey of a franchise owner, and continue saving lives, and growing the family business. I am who I am today because of my mom and aunt, the two owners of this amazing company. I could not be happier, owning my own Baby Otter Swim School and creating that safety for children and the comfort for parents of having that peace of mind that your children have the education on how to save their own life, if they were to fall into a body of water.  Saving lives one child at a time, has become my priority, and has always been, and will continue to be my passion.

Staci, Baby Otter Windermere, Gotha & Dr. Phillips Florida Franchise Owner, with one of her students.

Baby Otter Swim School

Dr. Phillips, Florida

Servicing Dr. Phillips, Florida

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