The Value of Drowning Prevention Classes

Drowning Prevention Classes

Drowning Prevention Classes from Baby Otter Swim School

After the tragic drowning deaths of four children within three weeks in the southwest Florida area, many authorities in our region are recommending drowning prevention classes for children to provide added protection against this serious threat. Investing in practical swimming lessons and drowning prevention classes is a solid step toward creating a safer environment for the little ones in your family and your community.

Basic Protection for Smaller Children

The Turn, Kick, Reach® method is one of the most practical and innovative ways to teach even the youngest children to swim and to save themselves if they fall into water. This approach is designed to provide children aged eight months and older with the skills necessary to rescue themselves. The steps to the Turn, Kick, Reach® method are simple:

  • Children are taught to turn toward the place where they fell into the water, usually the side and the steps of the pool or body of water.
  • They then kick their feet to propel themselves toward the edge of the water.
  • The final step of the process is to reach for the edge of the pool, which will provide safety for your little one until help can arrive on the scene.

Scheduling drowning prevention classes with a school that uses the Turn, Kick, Reach® strategy will often provide your children with the skills and tools needed to save themselves from drowning in pools and other bodies of water. The right training will help your toddlers and older children to be safer in the water and will promote the best possible experiences for your little ones in all types of water environments.

Signing Up for Drowning Prevention Classes

At Baby Otter Swim School, we offer the most advanced options for drowning prevention classes and swimming instruction for children as young as eight months and through adulthood. We work with families across the U.S. and in the Florida area to create the most practical solutions for your little ones. If you are interested in scheduling classes or exploring available options at Baby Otter Swim School, contact us today at 1-888-794-6543 to request more information. We are here to serve you.