Why Your Pool?

Learning to swim can be a daunting endeavor for some people, both young and old. Our goal is to provide expert instruction in an environment where you are completely comfortable so you have your best swim experience. Our school, your pool.

By providing mobile instruction, the Baby Otter Swim School offers our clients, both children and adults, the convenience of at-home instruction. Familiar surroundings can deliver a sense of calm for both children and adults.

All pools are different, and allowing someone to learn to swim in a familiar environment can aid the instruction process. Swimmers will also be able to fully understand locations of the steps, walls and more in the pool they use most often which is essential to both quick education and safety. We can also help you understand which games your pool is best set up for and how they can encourage learning. Our goal at Baby Otter is not only to teach a life-saving skill but also to show children and adults that swimming can be great fun.

Due to our terrific staff of instructors, clients will see amazing progress, confidence, safety awareness and improved swimming form in their children in just five consecutive days.

All traveling instructors are trained through our own state certified program. All instructors are licensed and insured with their CPR certification.  Instructors have all been screened through a National Security background check.

You will be thrilled with the professional, fun atmosphere and the final results you see from your “Otterly” amazing swimmer!!

Visit our Programs page to see all of the swim classes we offer. Then give us a call at 888-SWIM-KID (794-6543) to schedule your at-home lessons!

"Our School, Your Pool"

Offering our clients, the convenience and comfort of at-home instruction.